Dr. Cheema has changed my life. I suffer from some health issues that impact my body quite a bit. At one point I couldn't see how I could live the rest of my life in the pain I was in, and bring only 34 the years that could possibly stretch forward were haunting and terrifying. It seemed hopeless. When I began seeing Dr.Cheema I hadn't seen a chiropractor in 6-8 years and my body had been under a lot of strain with my health, motherhood, work and life. I spoke with him for a good amount of time about the work he would be doing. We spoke of the hollistic approach to healing and I was happy to find that We were both on the same page and it was something I truly felt comfortable talking about with him and I felt that he had wisdom to offer. After even just the first visit I could feel physically and just within myself that this was the correct path to take and it was going to be helpful. And now, I've been his patient for just over 4 months and he has helped improve my quality of life beyond anything I could imagine 6 months ago.